Foundation support

Support the fund

Invitation for cooperation and collaboration

If you care about what the EZGU AMAL Charity Fund does and you would like to join the noble social initiative to help seriously ill children, and regularly participate in the initiatives of the Fund.

If your organization strives to improve its links with local society and the media, get new positive media excuses, and thus improve the business reputation and public image of the company.

Cooperation with the foundation will allow you

  • To take part in charity initiatives for the sake of worthy present and future of our country.
  • Effectively enhance the positive image of your company
  • Position yourself in a socially responsible role in society
  • Raise your rating and reputation among clients
  • Strengthen the loyalty and motivation of your employees

We offer:

  • Direct financial support to fund programme components
  • Organization of charity events (fairs, exhibitions and sales) for company employees
  • Deduction of a certain percentage or fixed amount from the sale of one or more of your products
  • Informing customers and employees about the opportunity to make a donation to support seriously ill children (website, joint mailing list, etc.).
  • Installing charity boxes on your organization's premises if they are frequently visited areas or crowded areas.
  • Volunteer participation of company employees

We are waiting for the partners of business structures and private sector enterprises interested in social responsibility of their activities and are always happy to work together constructively and effectively!

The Fund guarantees transparency and full reporting on the expenditure of funds.

For cooperation, please contact us by phone:

  • +998 93 183-26-22
  • +998 90 919-36-90
  • +998 90 903-42-37